Thursday, December 5, 2013

Manchester United Players Are Putting In Average Performances

United seem to have taken a step back, except for Wayne Rooney.David Moyes players have all performed to a level that is far from their best. Only performances such as those from Adnan Januzajand David De Geahave been the real standout performances. However, the rest are displaying very little form of a top-four side, let alone champions. There is a real lack of quality especially in Uniteds midfield, but the togetherness agen judi bola terpercaya consistency has disappeared from their game this season.

Ryan Giggs demagen judi bola terpercayas Manchester United 'get over' defeat to Everton

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Manchester United: Five transfer targets to save season

Rob Swan But who could David Moyes bring to Old Trafford in January? Here are five potential winter signings...

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5. Pedro | Barcelona Pedro isn't the player Manchester United need most, but the Barcelona forward would bring goals from the wide areas.

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