Monday, October 28, 2013

Manchester United 'swastika': The Club Should Have Ignored The Pointless Prigs On Twitter

Manchester United apologizes for 'swastika'-style logo, term 'New Order' in newsletter

The logo contained the letters MUFC, for Manchester United Football Club. Because theyd rather not risk of one of those Twitter storms. Thats the problem with the way Twitter agen judi bola terpercaya PR have combined. A public relations orthodoxy has emerged which says you cant risk upsetting anyone, because it will be bad for business.

British soccer's most famous club has apologized to fans for an email newsletter that featured a logo resembling a swastika agen judi bola terpercaya a headline blaring the Hitler-coined term "New Order." Manchester United apologized for the flap on Sunday, saying similarities between the design of its latest "United Uncovered" newsletter agen judi bola terpercaya the iconography of the Third Reich was unintentional, BBC reported . "It has been pointed out that the graphic had design similarities to a swastika which, combined with other connotations of the phrase 'new order', has caused offence which was entirely unintended," the club said in a statement. Manchester United RELATED: OWN GOAL LIFTS MAN U OVER REAL SOCIEDAD "For this, United Uncovered unreservedly apologizes." The phrase New Order which bagen judi bola terpercayaar bola Hitler used to imagine a new Europe under the domain of Nazi Germany was actually a reference to the British rock group of the same name agen judi bola terpercaya accompanied a story about the clubs young talent, Man U officials said. Manchester United Adolph Hitler used the phrase "New Order" to describe his aspirations for a Nazi Germany-led Europe in the mid-20th century.

Manchester United's Wilfried Zaha to be sent on loan

Manchester United have not had the greatest starts to the season, but Zaha has not yet featured for the club, with the manager saying that he will only play Zaha when he is ready agen judi bola terpercaya not rush him into the first team. Though United were not too keen on sending him out on loan in the summer, it seems the stance is set to change in January. Moyes said, I really thought when he came in he needed to be here for six months to see how we work. There is competition in the wide areas with Nani, Antonio Valencia, Ashley Young, Adnan Januzaj agen judi bola terpercaya even Shinji Kagawa that makes it one of the areas where we are strong. Its not because Wilf has not done enough, its because we have got big, big competition agen judi bola terpercaya there are a lot of players to give some playing time to.

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